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"Jan's Little Book of Golf Secrets is right on! I give it my highest recommendation! As an LPGA Tour Professional, I can say that most golfers don't spend enough time on their mental game. Jan shares excellent secrets that the pros know and puts them into easy to understand terms. You will enjoy this powerful book that teaches you how to lower your golf score!"

Nina Foust
LPGA Tour Professional



How to Get Down to a 3 Handicap in just Six Short Months!

Guaranteed or you pay nothing!

Even With All of the New Hi-Tech Clubs and Golf Training Aids, Most Golfers Still Don't Shoot Under 90...Find Out Why In this Revealing Book!! 

More Importantly Learn How You Can Lower Your Golf Score and Develop Consistency in your Game!!

No Gimmicks...No Useless Swing Tips...Just Fast Results!!

After 10 years of research, 6 months worth of writing and a good solid year to pluck up the courage, I know that...

Golf Success isn’t luck…

                  Golf Success is knowledge!


Make Permanent, Positive Changes to your Game Now!


Hi, my name is Jan Peterson and in the next few minutes I am going to teach you exactly how to achieve the success you’ve always wanted in your golf game. I am going to show you 10 secrets that will help you enjoy golf more and lower your golf score-Guaranteed!

Most of the other books out there focus just on the mechanical aspects of the swing without showing you the whole picture or what the pros know. Whether you are a relatively new golfer or a scratch golfer, you will find this information invaluable!

What you will learn:

√ How to put the joy of golf back into your game


√ How to find your natural swing and repeat it effortlessly

√ How to consistently hit your shots where you want them to land, really!

√ How to master the great art of putting and hear your ball go "Kerplunk!"

√ How to get off the 1st tee without embarrassing yourself

√ How to get into the right frame of mind easily before playing a round of golf

√ How to make your swing fluid and powerful every time

√ How to quiet the doubtful thoughts that impede your success

√ How to re-energize your game with confidence, humor and focus

√ How to play a game of golf that puts you on fire

√ How to really make golf practice worth your time

√ How the pros recover from bad shots and so can you

√ How to hit pure golf shots that are unadulterated bliss


√ How to make quick mental movies that work


√ How to find your rhythm and maintain it


√ How to unlock your talent and play to a new level of performance

How To Have The Proper Golf Mindset



"Have just finished reading your 'Little Book of Golf Secrets', and cannot understand why you have kept it a secret so long. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and sadly, can identify with most of the score robbing self induced mental errors. Your remedies to rid oneself of these mental handicaps seem simple enough that even I can implement them successfully. I will indeed be putting this to practice this week as I have my weekly game scheduled for Friday morning. I am looking forward to dropping my score one stroke for each of your secret strategies. I will keep you posted."


Art Saluk, Miami Florida



I will give you the 10 secrets and show you how to begin using them today to lower your golf score. These are the same secrets that I have shared with my students to help them develop a consistent game that is fun, inspirational and powerful. That’s why I know it will work for you!

What I see happening out there is golfers spending big bucks to hit a little white golf ball only to get frustrated and upset with themselves. They assume that there is something wrong with their swing or game but are puzzled as to what "it" really is. So they try this and try that only to achieve the same disappointing round of golf and score. What they want is something different. Most everyone I teach believes that they are capable of playing much better golf. They have felt pure shots and the joy that comes from hitting them. They want to have fun and play rounds of golf that show improvement, achievement and amazement. What I want to teach you is how you can play golf that will astonish even you!

I urge you, right now, to read the
preview. Because in this book I reveal the 10 secret ingredients to achieve lower golf scores. I explain, in plain English with humor, how to apply these proven strategies to your golf game, and if used regularly, you should see dramatic improvement and enjoyment in your game.

Here's What Kids Know About Golf That You Don't



"Wow! I have read your book and been practicing what you recommended...have to say it is one of the best books on golf improvement that I have ever read! The negative thoughts I had in my head were eating me up on the course. And I didn't even realize it. Now, thanks to you I have lowered my score by five strokes for the last two rounds."

Jamie Collins, Chicago Illinois


The power of golf success 

is yours to take

Practice this information and the success you have imagined enjoying on the golf course will become a reality. Imagine the victorious day when you can say your golf scores are going down and not up...Imagine feeling happy, inspired and pleased after a round of golf...Imagine hitting good shots consistently....
Imagine feeling confident again and hitting shots that are beautiful to watch. 


Here are the most common mistakes golfers make:

  • They think that keeping their head down is key

  • They think that if they make a poor shot is is because of a fault in their grip, swing, stance or setup only

  • They let negative thoughts rule their game

  • They are lost in a sea of well meaning swing tips that don't work

  • They focus on what they don't want to happen instead of what they want to happen

  • They think there is only one right way to swing a golf club

  • They fail to remember that golf is a game

  • They go out a buy a new club if the old one is working to their liking. Putters and drivers are at the top of the list

  • They think a movie is something they go to on Sunday afternoon instead of play in their head before a shot

  • They decide that if they have a good round it was a fluke instead of the norm

  • They feel defeated if they have several bad shots in a row

  • They believe that their golf partners are competitors and not friends

  • They limit what is possible for them and their game

Learn The Secret To Trusting Your Golf Swing

What are you waiting for? Lower golf scores are just a click away. The golf lessons haven't paid off, the gizmos for swing improvement have only added to the confusion. Why not try something that will work and costs a fraction of a lesson, new club or golf gadget?

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Since this book is now available online, you don’t have to wait to get it.  Immediately after you pay, you’ll be sent a confidential website address where you can immediately read this exciting new book.  That’s right, you’ll get instant access.

So you can read it right now online or you can print it out so you’ll have a hard copy to take with you and read anytime, anywhere!  

Jan Peterson

Contact e-mail: jan@thelittlebookofgolfsecrets.com


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