Golf Course Landscaping

Caring for golf course landscaping is a vital part of a successful game, but the way in which you care for your lawn can have quite an impact on the environment. After all, when you consider the amount of water, fertilizers, pesticides and exhaust from used golf course machinery, they have a pretty significant impact. Thankfully, it’s easy to improve the environmental friendliness of your maintenance plan that will have you mowing smarter, watering efficiently, and still keep great looking greens.

Because the turf on a golf course is functional, it must be kept short. However, if you wait until it gets a little longer and then move the blades up higher on your used greens mower rather than cutting it low and allowing it to grow higher, you’ll experience a big here to read some special golfing tricks and tips.

The turf will develop an improved root system that will extend further into the soil to protect it against drought. It will also be better able to fight off diseases and insect problems. Finally, because you are cutting it higher with a used greens mower, it will hold the moisture in the soil longer.

Golf Course Landscaping

Pulling out the used greens mower also makes the turf appear more tailored because there is less time to get unruly. The longer you can leave the turf, the better, but it still needs to be manageable. On a golf course, a quarter inch can make a huge difference. To keep things looking pristine, be sure that your used golf course machinery has sharp blades to prevent the turf from looking straggly.

In addition to making use of your used golf course machinery fairly frequently, turf requires a lot of watering and time to keep green. By watering deeply, you’ll find you’ll need to water less frequently. Deep watering encourages the roots to reach deeper into the soil to seek out water, resulting in a better root system overall. Not sure if it’s time to water? Step on the turf and watch how the grass reacts. If your footprints linger for longer than a few seconds, it needs more information about watering turf at

If you want to bring out the used golf course machinery a little less often, you may need a change of turf. There are some varieties of turf that live longer and are naturally more resistant to problems. You’ll find they need less fertilizer, and generally less care. Changing turf is a lot of work, but the time you save later on can be well worth the effort.

These are just a few tips that will help you move in an environmentally friendly direction. You may spend a little more time on the used greens mower, but you’ll find you will water less frequently, and have less maintenance over all.